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The Woods Master Collection features a dizzying number of high-resolution wood veneer textures that are 100% tileable, include diffuse + bump maps, and come in several pre-optimized thumbnailed sizes. This collection features 50 unique wood textures ranging from elegant cherries to rustic pines. This collection is an invaluable tool in any interior designer or architectural visualization artists’ toolkit and helps to easily add another level of photorealism to digital renderings.

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The Woods Master Collection features an assortment of high-resolution seamless wood textures designed from the ground up for photorealistic digital renderings. Whether you’re an interior designer or architectural visualization artist, you’ll find this collection offers an incredible palette of possibilities that offer an extra edge of photorealism.

This texture pack includes many different wood species, captured in high-resolution formats from furniture veneers, which have been processed to be 100% tileable. This final step allows for seamless integration into existing visualization projects and existing UV Mapping solutions.

Each wood texture in this collection comes with diffuse and bump maps to help accommodate 3D workflows that demand total photorealism. In addition, several textures include additional maps such as specular and displacement textures to even further their ability to provide support photorealism.

Each texture map has dimensions of 4096 x 4096 pixels, but additional thumbnail sizes are included for workflows that demand optimized level-of-detail (LOD) maps or smallest-possible texture map sources such as gaming or real-time rendering solutions. A full list of the individual textures included in this package is listed below:


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