Medium Cathedral Red Cherry


This high-resolution cherry veneer texture comes with incredible cathedrals, elegant red tones, and is completely tileable for seamless UV mapping. It comes pre-optimized for LOD scaling in 4096px, 2048px, 1024px, and 512px sizes and is at a 1:1 aspect ratio to make dropping it into existing scenes as easy as possible.

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This high-res cherry wood texture features an impressive selection of cathedraling and grain character to help make your designs really pop. It features a wide range of red, orange, and deep brown tones characteristic of the finest contemporary cherry veneers on the market today. This texture comes render-ready in 4 pre-optimized sizes including 4096px, 2048px, 1024px, and 512px all fully-tileable and at an aspect ratio of 1:1. Below is a list of all the files included in this texture pack:

FileDimensions (px)Size
2-cathedralCherry-bump-1024×1024.jpg1024 x 1024158.8 kB
2-cathedralCherry-bump-2048×2048.jpg2048 x 2048565.6 kB
2-cathedralCherry-bump-4096×4096.jpg4096 x 40961.5 MB
2-cathedralCherry-bump-512×512.jpg512 x 51235.3 kB
2-cathedralCherry-diffuse-0-1024×1024.jpg1024 x 1024170.7 kB
2-cathedralCherry-diffuse-0-2048×2048.jpg2048 x 2048781.7 kB
2-cathedralCherry-diffuse-0-4096×4096.jpg4096 x 40962.5 MB
2-cathedralCherry-diffuse-0-512×512.jpg512 x 51228.7 kB