About Us

3D Artists With A Mission of Service

We’re artists, designers, 3D-modelers, and dreamers. We’ve spent a collective century working in the visualization and product design industry. As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, we’ve spent a lot of time working in the furniture design industry. Every professional begins separating from the pack as the specialize within their chosen fields—our team is no different! The 3D Models, textures, and tutorials found on our website are mirrors of our chosen disciplines and various specializations.

By Artists for Artists

What makes a product? Does merely packaging a good and exchanging it for just compensation qualify? We believe that a product is about the experience after the purchase. We spend much of our time working in the VFX field professionally, as well as somewhat obsessively in our free time. We understand that assets are purchased in order to save money and we understand that ease-of-use is key. Our products are designed with the professional in mind—accounting for rushed deadlines, quality thresholds, and high-performance demands. This is evident in our 3D Models being packaged with common 3d formats such as .obj and .fbx for easy interchange, the inclusion of optimized materials for rendering engines such as VRay, and for the inclusion of high-resolution textures—tileable by default. In short; we’ve spent years managing different aspects of a professional 3D workflow. our products are designed to make you a better artist rather than pass some begrudgingly-accepted minimum standards threshold.

Designed for Photorealism

We play many types of games, engage with many real-time rendering applications, and are passionate about the developing VR and AR industries. However, our expertise is found in the branches of visualization focused on Photorealism and High-Resolution rendering, and that’s what you’ll see reflected in our products. We look forward to developing our product catalog to accommodate a wider range of usage among a wider range of 3D artists as we grow. For now, however, it’s best to assume that our products are designed, and optimized, with high-resolution photorealism in mind. This is evident in high-resolution texture files, high-poly (though optimized) 3D models, and use of materials from render engines such as VRay.

Working Artists

We love 3D modeling and everything that is related. We spend a lot of our professional time actively working as 3D artists in several different fields. This website is a portal into some of our work there but ultimately created with the mission of serving as a valuable resource and learning center for artists around the world. You’ll find breakdowns, quick tips, and even giveaway models that are by-products of our work as a digital rendering agency and as freelance 3D artists as well. We believe that having an active engagement within the confines of commercial deadlines helps maintain our cadence with the demands of professionals—ultimately allowing us to provide a better end product. We spend hours optimizing render settings, creating textures, and developing auxiliary models for our scenes. The lessons we’ve learned from the countless mistakes we’ve’ made (and continue to make!) within the 3D industry fuel our passion for creating high-quality 3D assets.