Reclaimed Industrial Western Red Cedar


This texture is a reclaimed red cedar wood that was reclaimed from an early 20th century furniture manufacturing warehouse in North Carolina, USA. It features somewhat muted tones compared to more refined cedar finishes but embodies generations of furniture designs in the aged characteristics is holds. Comes in several pre-optimized sizes ranging from 512px to 4096px, has an aspect ratio of 1:1, and is tileable for seamless UV mapping.

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Cedar woods are among the rarest in North American countries due to historical blights and over-harvesting. This texture is of a reclaimed cedar used in a furniture manufacturing warehouse in the early 1930’s that was remarkably preserved. It embodies the days-of-old look that goes so well on modern designs and accent pieces.

Wood textures often fail to embody the sense of refinement when utilizing reclaimed or aged source. Sure, that weathered deck texture looks gnarly but how wood it look after it was sanded down and prepared for veneering? This texture has muted tonal profiles from decades of natural weathering but still embodies everything that buyers and designers love to see on furniture and architectural elements in their homes. Below is a list of files included with this texture:

File Dimensions (px) Size
4-industrialCedar-bump-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 169.0 kB
4-industrialCedar-bump-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 677.4 kB
4-industrialCedar-bump-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 2.0 MB
4-industrialCedar-bump-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 34.2 kB
4-industrialCedar-diffuse-0-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 223.5 kB
4-industrialCedar-diffuse-0-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 928.8 kB
4-industrialCedar-diffuse-0-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 2.7 MB
4-industrialCedar-diffuse-0-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 38.3 kB