Blond Quartered Cherry


This blond quartered cherry texture offers the same beautiful tonal patterns of more common cherry veneers but in a lighter, brighter, and less rounded presentation. Perfect for desktops, two-tone patterning, and inlays meant to capture an observers attention subtlely in the immediate and respect in the long term. Comes in several pre-optimized sizes, has a 1:1 aspect ratio, and has been designed for seamless tileable use for easy UV mapping.

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Cherry veneers are largely characteristic of fine furniture designs found in elegant interior settings. The innate personality of the cherry grain is both free-flowing and also contained by semi-straight tonal patterns amidst grain cathedraling. This quartered cherry embodies the tonal spectrum found in the finest cathedral finishes but without all the hoopla. Among comparable wood textures, this finish is subtle, rich, and will afford any design on which it’s featured a sense of esteemed purpose and luxury. Below is a list of files included with this texture:

File Dimensions (px) Size
3-blondQuarteredCherry-bump-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 183.4 kB
3-blondQuarteredCherry-bump-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 560.3 kB
3-blondQuarteredCherry-bump-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 1.4 MB
3-blondQuarteredCherry-bump-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 44.4 kB
3-blondQuarteredCherry-diffuse-0-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 302.1 kB
3-blondQuarteredCherry-diffuse-0-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 1004.2 kB
3-blondQuarteredCherry-diffuse-0-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 2.7 MB
3-blondQuarteredCherry-diffuse-0-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 59.4 kB