Grey Cathedral Oak with Hangup


This grey oak texture features an enthralling showcase of cathedralled grain figuring that’s further highlighted by the inclusion of a small amount of white hangup. Drop this into your 3D scenes to get that extra degree of missing photorealism and really wow. 100% tileable for seamless use with existing UV mapping solutions.

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This is one of those incredible wood textures that embody the fusion of modern furniture design with traditional wood species selection. Its mesmerizing cathedraling is further accentuated by hangup in the grain. This wood texture is perfect for rendering modern chic furniture and goes especially well with light and airy interior designs. 100% tileable and comes with both diffuse and bump maps to integrate seamlessly into existing UV mapping and 3D scenes. A full list of downloadable files is listed below:

FileDimensions (px)Size
43-greyHangupOak-bump-1024×1024.jpg1024 x 1024303.4 kB
43-greyHangupOak-bump-2048×2048.jpg2048 x 2048967.5 kB
43-greyHangupOak-bump-4096×4096.jpg4096 x 40962.8 MB
43-greyHangupOak-bump-512×512.jpg512 x 51275.4 kB
43-greyHangupOak-diffuse-1024×1024.jpg1024 x 1024175.5 kB
43-greyHangupOak-diffuse-2048×2048.jpg2048 x 2048666.8 kB
43-greyHangupOak-diffuse-4096×4096.jpg4096 x 40961.9 MB
43-greyHangupOak-diffuse-512×512.jpg512 x 51238.0 kB

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