Medium Tonal Elm


This Elm texture features an equalized tonal presence found through a minimal bleaching practice during initial processing. Its subtle voice is matched with flowing and rich grain patterns that make for an excellent vehicle to express your casual modern designs in. Fully tileable and comes packaged in several industry-standard file resolutions.

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This veneer texture is a bit of an enigma—it has a full medium brown/red tone but has been equalized through a minimal bleaching technique during the finishing process. It captures much of the elegance of a full-bodied elm veneer but remains so soft-spoken as to be a perfect companion to modern French or Mediterranean style interior designs. Looks great on casual furniture designs, studio/loft type designs, and even coastal motifs. Comes with an assortment of in-demand file resolutions and all are fully-tileable in design for seamless UV mapping. A full list of included files is listed below:

File Dimensions (px) Size
25-mediumElm-bump-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 180.0 kB
25-mediumElm-bump-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 625.3 kB
25-mediumElm-bump-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 1.8 MB
25-mediumElm-bump-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 41.0 kB
25-mediumElm-diffuse-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 123.9 kB
25-mediumElm-diffuse-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 471.6 kB
25-mediumElm-diffuse-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 1.3 MB
25-mediumElm-diffuse-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 25.2 kB