Wood Textures Vol. 6


Wood textures volume 6 features elegant modern oak veneers, a catedral cherry of astounding elegance, and a rustic charcoaled pine that is as versitile as it is enigmatic. Drop these high resolution wood textures into your renderings and 3D scenes to add another dimension of realism. Fully tileable and for seamless UV mapping.



Wood textures volume 6 features an impressive collection of modern oak veneers as well as a rustic charcoal pine and elegant cathedral cherry finish. Each of these textures come with high-resolution diffuse and bump maps for photorealistic rendering and offer an assortment of pre-optimized file sizes ranging from 512px —4K resolutions. The following texture packs are included in this volume:

  1. Cathedral Red Cherry
  2. Modern Grey Oak
  3. Modern Light Oak
  4. Medium Brown Oak
  5. Rustic Charcoal Pine

These textures are seamless and can be easily tiled in UV mapping solutions without any further editing or masking. A full list of the files included for each texture pack can be seen on the linked product pages.