Wood Textures Vol. 5


Wood Vol.5 showcases an incredible selection of high resolution, tileable, 3D-ready wood veneer textures. Each texture pack comes with many optimized file sizes, diffuse maps, bump maps, and in the case of the burly maple—specular maps specifically designed to capture the natural “flip” of the grain.

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Wood textures volume 5 features an inspiring selection of high-resolution wood veneer textures optimized for photorealistic renderings with 3D applications such as 3DS Max and render engines such as VRay. These textures each come with diffuse and bump maps for photorealistic material creation and are 100% tileable for easy integration with existing UV mapping solutions. The burly maple texture also comes with a specular map to help showcase the grain “flip” as camera perspective shifts occur. The following texture packs are included in this volume:

  1. Rich Quartered Walnut
  2. Burly Maple
  3. Blond Quartered Oak
  4. Rough-Hewn Pine
  5. Tonal Elm

Each of these texture packs come with several optimized sizes to help accomodate a wide range of VFX uses—whether that’s low-poly gaming applications or high-poly single frame photorealistic digital rendering. For full details of included files reference the product page linked from each texture pack’s name above.