Wood Textures Vol. 1


Wood Textures Vol. 1 includes 5 high-resolution wood veneer textures optimized for photorealistic rendering and come pre-optimized in many common texture map sizes. These textures are fully tileable and designed for seamless use with existing UV mapping solutions.



This wood texture pack contains five high-resolution wood textures that are tileable and come in several optimized sizes for easy use in a wide range of VFX workflows. Textures from this volume are available as individualized .zip packages. Below is a list of the textures included in this volume:

  1. Grey Rustic Walnut
  2. Cathedral Cherry
  3. Blond Quartered Cherry
  4. Industrial Red Cedar
  5. Natural Rustic Linga

Each of these textures comes with diffuse and bump maps in a range of file sizes and are 100% tileable for easy use with existing UV mapping solutions. These textures have all been selected and packaged together for their ability to provide a wide range of ability to shape visualization scenes either by themselves or by being combined together.