Wood Textures Vol. 4


Wood vol.4 is comes with a versatile selection of hand-picked wood textures meant to be relevant to a wide range of visualization scenes. Each texture map comes in several optimized sizes and is 100% tileable for seamless UV integration.

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Wood textures volume 4 is a hand-curated assortment of several truly unique wood veneer textures that are designed to elevate the photorealism of architectural visualizations and product renderings. The muted tones of the bleached oaks in this texture pack are ideal for capturing the new modernized looks of older styles such as Farmhouse and reclamation styles. The bleached cherry is perfect for adding a subtle grain structure to large surfaces complimenting minimalist designs and the tiger striped oak can capture the most traditional of looks. The following texture packs are included in this volume:

  1. Light Bleached Oak
  2. Dark Sandblasted Oak
  3. Bleached Cherry
  4. Industrial Painted Pine
  5. Tiger-Striped Oak

Each of the wood texture packs included in this volume come in several pre-optimized file formats and are 100% tileable for easy UV mapping usage. These textures include diffuse maps and bump maps for photorealistic 3D renderings. View each product page for a detailed list of each file included with that pack.