Wood Textures Vol. 3


Wood textures volume 3 contains a hand-picked selection of hi-res wood textures that offer a wide range of relevancy for your 3D scenes. Exude a sense of affluent elegance with the cathedraled walnut or embody the sense of reclamation with the natural chestnut texture!



This wood texture pack features a selection of high-resolution tileable wood textures perfect for photorealistic renderings of furniture and architecture! For each texture in this volume, several pre-optimized file sizes are included to help integrate into a wide range of VFX scenes and applications. Each wood texture comes with diffuse and bump maps for projects where photorealism is a goal. Textures included in this file are as follows:

  1. Re-Engineered Oak
  2. Dark Cathedral Walnut
  3. Natural Chestnut
  4. Quartered Maple
  5. Industrial Red Oak