Linea Sofa Table


The Linea sofa table is a beautiful embodiment of two contrasting styles—rustic reclamation and sleek modernisn—which is guaranteed to draw attention to any scene in which it is rendered. The Linea 3D Sofa Table model has been designed for open spaces where the decor is a priority. Its large surface area and open base allow for ample use of accent decor and large swaths of color.



The Linea Sofa table features a rustic oak floating top design supported by a sleek modern chrome base made of 3/4″ square metal tubing. This 3D Model has been optimized for high-resolution photorealistic rendering in 3DS Max and VRay and comes with both textures and materials. The rustic oak texture included with this model is tileable and can easily be used on other 3D Models without having to finagle annoying UV Tiling issues.

The Linea tables are all designed in such ways to complement open spaces and work well in either rustic or modern interiors. The reclaimed oak top contrasts well with stark modern designs while the chrome base is a nice contrast to rustic or mountain-inspired interiors. This inherent versatility makes the Linea sofa table useful in a wide range of 3D scenes and gives it a very long lifespan of being useful in production architectural visualization environments.

Additional information

Additional information