Mollis Sofa


The Mollis Sofa is a tremendous addition to any 3D visualization striving for total realism. This unique design features eloquently-expressed curvature alongside an elegant foray of fabrics which offer a focal yet accessible experience. This Sofa can serve as a cornerstone of any 3D visualization or as supporting accent to bolster the overall impression of realism.



The Mollis Sofa is the corner piece of the Mollis Collection and brings with it a strong presence of refinement and soft complimentary style. This 3D Model design features a curved frame finished in dark, rustic, bleached oak veneer split in real-world accord complimented by the subtle eye-catching inclusion of polished nickel nailheads. The Mollis Sofa’s elegant curvature make it an ideal candidate for off-wall placement within living spaces—often seen in open floorplans, lofts, and entranceways.

This 3D Model has been optimized for photorealistic digital rendering in 3DS Max and VRay and also includes several other common file types to allow easy import into preferred rendering software. The pillows included with this 3D model were modeled using the Marvelous Design fabric simulator and later optimized in 3DS Max to reduce overall polycount as much as possible without sacrificing quality. The Mollis Sofa will help empower any visualization either as a stand-alone piece or while serving as a complimenting member alongside other Mollis Collection designs.

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Additional information