Jugo Round Dining Table


The Jugo Round Dining Table 3D Model is a mid-century-inspired piece that can help round our many different interiors such as breakfast nooks, studies, smaller dining areas, and even living rooms. This table has a beautifully-conceived brass fastener in the joint of the legs and will offer a subtle sense of refinement to 3D renders.



This table has been designed with inspiration drawn from Mid-Century modern periods within American furniture design history. The proportions of this table exude a sense of stark elegance that compliment open and minimal spaces such as lofts, warehouses, and metropolitan apartments. This 3D Model will help add a sense of elegance to any rendering while still allowing for a high amount of creative freedom.

Mid-Century designs are often characterized by rounded edges and difficult-to-define line breaks. The Jugo round dining table, while drawing inspiration from Mid-Century masters such as Mies van der Rohe and the Eames’, pays tribute to our modern era. This table features a long-legged proportion to create a lofty sense of air suited for open environments and elegant seating. The Jugo’s subtle materials and unimposing design make it a perfect complement to any existing design styles and approaches. Perfect for sunrooms, dining rooms, covered outdoor porches, and can even serve as an occasional table in a pinch!

The Jugo makes use of several high-resolution textures suitable for tiled use. Each material has been designed with VRay rendering in mind and optimized for quality and speed. The Jugo includes a high quality Quartered Oak finish material, a polished brass material, and a standard table glass with just the slightest of blue fog to mimic the architectural materials common to the furniture industry. This model includes relevant UV mapping and can easily have another material applied to achieve desired results. This design was modeled in 3D Studio Max 2016 and rendered using Vray 3.4. Additional model types are for easy import into other 3D modeling and rendering software.


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Additional information