Mollis Setee


The Mollis Setee offers a unique sense of haute esteem in a very unimposing form—capable of bolstering the realism of nearly any scene! This model features intricate nailheads, high-resolution textures for both upholstery and pillows, and includes real-world veneer patterning designs.



The Mollis Setee is a unique design meant to offer more expansive seating for spaces too small to accommodate traditional sofa or sectional designs. This 3D model was designed with inspiration from French Chic styles featuring rustic-yet-refined finishes that highlight regional flair. The Mollis is designed to serve well as a stand-alone piece or also as a compliment to other pieces in the Mollis Collection.

This 3D Setee model has a curved design which holds true to real-world veneer-splitting, evident in the areas seen just above the armrests. To further enhance overall realism the Mollis setee features an intricate array of polished satin-nickel nailheads outlining the majority of its upholstery. This 3D model includes the 5 pillow array, each with high-resolution textures and materials, each of which was modeled with the Marvelous  Designer fabric simulator which later had their topology optimized. This 3D model will add a flair of esteem to any scene and is as versatile as it is magnificent.

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Additional information