Rubor Hanging Wall Art


The Rubor Hanging Wall Art 3D Model is an illustrious modern design that will create a heightened sense of intrigue and mystery in your digital renderings. This model has been created in 3DS Max and optimized for photorealistic rendering with VRay materials.

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The Rubor is a mysterious metallic momentum for all those with an appreciation of modern mystique. Its abstract nature allows flexibility in use; its natural metallic finish complements a wide range of materials; its overall dimension helps balance stark and open wall space. This 3D Model will help bring an added sense of excitement and energy to any digital scene that it is featured in while not taking away from the overall focus.

The Rubor 3D Model was created in 3DS Max by using basic Polygon editing modifiers and has been optimized for high-resolution rendering with VRay materials which include tileable texture maps. Decorations often turn out a tad too generic in the 3D world yet this piece offers a refreshing sense of aesthetic consideration. Fit most appropriately above headboards and sofas, though works great as a substitute for mirrors in hallways or bedrooms as well!

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