Studio Rig


This 3DS Max + VRay studio rig 3D Model has been optimized to help streamline single model renders in a neutral environment. The smooth white backdrop is illuminated by a series of VRay lights to create an even and well-balanced lighting solution designed to help showcase the overall form of 3D models as well as highlight interesting facets. This model is great for beginners learning the fundamentals of basic digital rendering or for pros looking for inspiring ways to make their test renderings more efficient.

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This studio rig 3D model has been designed for use with 3DS Max and VRay to help showcase product renderings where the background needs to be as neutral as possible. This file includes a VRay render settings file, suitable for basic 2K rendering, and VRay materials and lights optimized for photorealism. This scene has been created to be as light-weight as possible and to help streamline single-piece renderings where 3D model form is the focal point rather than the scene environment.

This studio rig is comprised of two large VRay lights on either side of a smooth neutral-white studio backdrop. A single key light has been positioned to the left of the camera view for accent highlights and a VRayDomeLight has been positioned in the scene to create an even base of fill light. This scene is perfect for those learning basic rendering skills or seeking to improve the quality of their test renderings. Note: This scene does not contain any matte objects and is only well-suited for applications where natural shadows and lighting are acceptable as background imagery.

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