Mollis Accent Chair




The Mollis Accent chair is meant to be the family dynamo—its riveting geometric patterned upholstery says “have a seat and enjoy yourself, but don’t think you’ll fall asleep here!” The Mollis collection is full of unique upholstered chairs and sofas meant to provide a soft and yielding presence to rooms. While the Mollis Accent Chair 3D Model may feature an electric patterning—it still presents itself with open arms to welcome any and all guests into its comfortable grace. This Design is accented by a bleached reclaimed French Oak veneer that compliments the neutral tones afforded by its comforting upholstery.

This 3D Model was created in 3DS Max and has been optimized with the VRay rendering engine to provide total photorealism in renderings and architectural visualizations. The Pillows were modeled in the Marvelous Designer fabric simulation program and the later optimized through 3DS Max. The VRay materials included with this model feature high-resolution tileable textures to accommodate a wide range of uses—including up-close detail shots. The minutiae of this model—seen in the polished satin nickel nailheads and real-world veneer breaks lend a great sense of realism that will bolster the impact of any digital rendering.

Additional information

Additional information