Reclaimed Studio


This studio rig 3D model features a minimalistic design characterized by a reclaimed oak flooring and stark weathered concrete backdrops. This 3D model was created in 3DS Max and is optimized for photorealistic rendering with the VRay rendering engine.



This 3D model contains a digital studio to create photorealistic product renderings of existing 3D models. The Reclaimed Studio features a uniquely-designed traditional reclaimed oak floor design and rustic concrete backdrop to provide a stark sense of natural minimalism. This style compliments designs featuring natural woods well and also works when used in contrast to ultra modern materials such as chrome or black marble.

This rendering studio has been modeled and optimized for high-resolution rendering in 3DS Max and VRay. While other model file formats are provided, the lights included rely on the VRay rendering engine to function properly and will not import correctly into other 3D Software programs without customized scripting. This scene file includes a high resolution reclaimed oak texture as well as a high resolution concrete texture—both of which are tilable for easy extension into other materials and objects.

NOTE: Includes VRay Render Settings (loaded into scene settings)

Additional information

Additional information