Figured Spalted Maple


This spalted maple texture is guaranteed to capture the attention of any onlooker to your visualization scene. It’s characterized by a dynamic range of rich tonal diversity, all accentuated by dark lines of contrast and elegant figuring in the highlights. 100% tileable and render-ready with both diffuse and bump maps in a variety of pre-optimized sizes.

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Spalted maple is one of the most dynamic and intriguing veneers used in furniture and architecture. It showcases the natural decay of the wood, halted by a powerful manufacturing process, which produces dark contrasting lines where the wood has begun to decompose. This is one of our most intriguing wood textures. This spalted maple texture features an incredible range of tonal diversity, accentuated by dark lines and figured highlights.

This texture is a perfect fit for luxury interior designs and architectural components such as furniture, wall paneling, or novelty features. 100% tileable and includes both bump and diffuse maps for seamless import into existing scenes and UV Mapping solutions. A full list of texture files included in this download is listed below:

File Dimensions (px) Size
51-splaltedMaple-bump-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 73.8 kB
51-splaltedMaple-bump-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 218.3 kB
51-splaltedMaple-bump-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 620.2 kB
51-splaltedMaple-bump-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 24.6 kB
51-splaltedMaple-diffuse-1024×1024.jpg 1024 x 1024 232.1 kB
51-splaltedMaple-diffuse-2048×2048.jpg 2048 x 2048 830.9 kB
51-splaltedMaple-diffuse-4096×4096.jpg 4096 x 4096 2.2 MB
51-splaltedMaple-diffuse-512×512.jpg 512 x 512 55.2 kB

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