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2018 Architectural Visualization Rendering Engine Survey Results

From CGArchitect:

The 2018 Architectural Visualization Rendering Survey is an update to our original Rendering Survey conducted on in October and November of 2016.

Responses were gathered between November 30, 2017 and February 3, 2018 via CGarchitect’s community (social media & email newsletter) and through Facebook groups associated with real-time engines and architectural visualization.  997 Responses came from Social media and 1,066 responses came from our email newsletter subscribers.

For the purposes of Margin of Error calculations and market calculations, we are assuming a total market size of 150,000 people that are involved specifically in AEC visualization/rendering. Unless otherwise noted, the results have a Margin of Error of 3% with a Confidence Level of 95%.

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Editor Comment:

VRay is without a doubt still the titan within the Arch Viz industry and it doesn’t look like their market share is going anywhere. One of the most notable takeaways from this survey was the marked increase in the diversity of rendering engines used in the industry. Newer more specialized 3D modeling software, shipping with inbuilt rendering engines, is likely one of the largest driving factors of this.

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