Tightly Cathedraled Light Wheat Oak

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This light wheat oak texture pack features a seamless, high-resolution set of diffuse and bump maps designed to integrate seamlessly into existing 3D scenes and material shaders. Its soft, light, natural presence is a perfect fit for open space designs and modern Scandinavian interiors. This high-resolution texture pack has been optimized for photorealistic digital rendering and tiles seamlessly.



This light wheat oak features a delicately intricate expose` of cathedralling and grain orientation that will captivate the attention of any onlooker. This high-resolution texture back includes a diffuse map and bump map and has been optimized for seamless texturing and UV Mapping. This softly-colored oak texture is a perfect choice for light and naturally-lit spaces or softly-edged furniture designs.

This oak texture pack contains seamless, high-resolution textures that are designed to make integration into existing 3D scenes as simple as possible by minimizing the need for UVW unwrapping or adjustments to existing UV coordinates. This texture has a subtle planking to its design though it can serve in many non-floor applications such as wall paneling, furniture veneering, or even picture framing. This texture shows particularly well in Scandinavian interiors.

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