Smooth Natural Chestnut Texture

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This high-resolution chestnut texture pack includes a diffuse and bump map that has been optimized for seamless UV mapping and photorealistic digital rendering. This texture features the characteristic worming and rough-sawn texturing characteristic to early 20th-century furniture design in North America. This texture makes a great addition to any room as a choice of planked flooring and also shines as a veneered finish on scene furniture.



Chestnut is one of the rarest woods in North America due to blights and deforestation but makes for one of the most endearing veneers one will ever see. This high-resolution texture map embodies turn-of-the-century furniture design and exudes a strong sense of down-home county living into any interior it may be featured. This chestnut texture features worming, knotting, and subtle signs of hand-hewn milling to further amplify its already magnanimous illustration of hard-wood constructions.

This texture pack features a diffuse and bump map texture which has both been optimized for seamless UV mapping and photorealistic rendering. This natural chestnut texture is a perfect choice for rustic furniture, flooring, and even wood paneling in a wide range of interior scene designs. Slip this texture into a 3D rendering to add a bit of extra conversation and a stronger sense of refinement in the overall design presentation.

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