Reclaimed Natural Woods Texture Pack 1

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The Reclaimed Natural Woods Texture Pack 1 features five high-resolution textures showcases a range of color, texture, and characteristics all in high-resolution seamless formats. Each texture included in this pack includes a diffuse map and bump map for the easy creation of photorealistic 3D materials. This pack features reclaimed walnut, reclaimed teak, light wheat oak, hand-sawn pine, and natural chestnut textures for a wide range of colors and characteristics.



The Reclaimed Natural Woods Texture Pack 1 features a beautiful assortment of wood textures that have been optimized for easy texturing and high-resolution digital renderings. Each texture in this pack includes a seamless diffuse and bump map set to help minimize additional UV mapping to existing scenes and 3D models. These textures are incredible sources for furniture veneers, interior flooring, or exposed beam designs.

This texture pack includes the following products:

These textures have all been used in production rendering and have been optimized for use in digital renderings where photorealism is the end goal. Each map is created to tile in a seamless fashion to minimize UV mapping adjustments when used on existing 3D scenes.

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