Reclaimed Composite Teak

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This high-resolution Teak texture brings a strong sense of natural reclaimed design to any digital rendering or graphics project. It features a rough-sewn milled texture to accentuate the rawness it embodies when applied to 3D scenes or in visual effects projects. This texture comes complete with high resolution diffuse and bump maps for total photorealistic results.

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This reclaimed composite Teak texture is a high-resolution representation of an elegant natural wood often used for flooring, support beams, and fine furniture finishes. Its presence among the studios of furniture designers and product developers has surged in recent years and has become highly-sought-after look. This texture pack includes seamless diffuse and bump maps optimized for high-resolution rendering where photorealism is the goal.

Teak is a tropical tree that is well-noted for its leathery smell when being milled. It’s used in many architectural applications ranging from wall paneling and hardwood floors to countertops and support beam veneering. This texture pack provides a seamless texture that makes for easy use in architectural visualizations and is seamless to help avoid any additional UVW unwrapping or material shader re-configurations.

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