Grey Rustic Reclaimed Walnut

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This reclaimed walnut texture features elegant cathedraling, subtle cracks, and a wide spectrum of colors surprising for such a rustic finish. This high-resolution texture pack comes with a diffuse map and bump map which has both been optimized for photorealistic digital rendering and is also seamless for easy integration into material shaders and 3D models without the hassle of additional UVW unwrapping.

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This high-resolution reclaimed walnut texture is an excellent source for designs seeking a natural and rustic feel. It’s a representation of a reclaimed wood, complete with aging and cracks, that has been re-engineered for refined use among mainstream consumer products such as furniture and flooring. This texture features a moderate amount¬†of cathedraling, subtle cracks, and a surprisingly-large spectrum of colors to bolster its presence in any rendering or digital artwork.

This texture comes with a diffuse (RBG 2000 x 2500) map and bump map (MONOCHROME 2000 x 2500) and has been optimized for high-resolution photorealistic rendering. In addition, this reclaimed walnut texture has a seamless design for easy tiling and material shader creation without the trouble of Photoshop editing or troublesome UVW unwrapping. This texture is perfect for furniture, wood beams, and flooring in digital renderings that seek to present with a strong sense of natural design.

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